Project Management
Pre Engineering Project

  • Project Management Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Site Management
  • Project Planning & Scheduling
  • Project Evaluation and Progress Reporting
  • Project Management
  • Procurement Assistance Services
  • Quality Supervision of Construction
  • Quality Supervision of Construction
  • Assistance in Commissioning
  • Site Inspection Services
  • Budgetary Cost-Control
  • Inspection and Expediting
  • Procurement of Plant & Equipment
  • Monitoring & Control of Project Progress
  • Co-ordination & Liaison
  • Assistance in Statutory Clearances
  • Inspecting & Expediting
  • Compilations of O & M Manual Training for O & M
  • Supervision of Construction and Erection
  • Testing and Commissioning Assistance
  • Quality Control Implementation
  • Measurement and Certification

  • Site assessment and surveys
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Preliminary planning
  • Evaluation of technologies
  • Designs & Basic Engineering
  • Power Cycle Optimization Studies
  • Feasibility & Detailed Project Reports
  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
  • Energy Conservation Studies
  • Plant & Equipment Layout
  • Construction and Erection Quality Control
  • Progress monitoring & reporting
  • Preparation & Implementation of Contingency / Recovery Plan
  • Identification and Corrective Measures for non-conformities
  • Field Engineering during Construction and Commissioning Co-ordination between Design Office, Client and Contractors
  • Monitoring and certification of field test & trial operation
  • Commissioning & Performance Tests
  • Compiling of As-built documentation
  • Initial Operation of Plant & Equipment
  • Material management at Site
  • Preparation and Implementation of Quality Assurance / Quality control Plan for Site Activities

System Studies
Procurement Assistance

  • Feasibility and detailed project reports
  • Project Management & Co-ordination
  • Project planning, scheduling and control
  • Budgetary and cost control
  • Communication management
  • Interface co-ordination
  • Contract administration

  • Vendor pre qualification
  • Issuing enquiries and receiving offers
  • Commercial bid evaluation
  • Purchase recommendation
  • Purchase order preparation

Construction Supervision

  • Start-up and commissioning assistance
  • Site performance tests & manual preparation
  • As-built documentation
  • Training of Owner's personnel

  • Start-up and commissioning assistance
  • Site performance tests & manual preparation
  • As-built documentation
  • Training of Owner's personnel
  • Trouble shooting

  • Assisting Customer in pre-qualification of bidders and in organizing pre-bid conferences for short listing of experienced contractors.
  • Preparing tender documents for construction/ erection work
  • Preparing in consultation with Customer, methodology for evaluation of bids.
  • Assisting Customer by taking part in techno-commercial discussions with the bidders.
  • Assisting in preparation of recommendation note, Letter of Intent Work Order for placement of order and preparing contract documents.
  • Planning and advising on construction inputs and evaluation of contractor's basic logic and sequence of construction operations.
  • Detailed day to day supervision of construction work including finalizing work sequence, co-ordination amongst various agencies, checking alignment, location, orientation including interpretation of drawings, specifications, codes of practice and contract documents to the executing agencies.
  • Carrying out design coordination at site and modifying drawings if necessary in consultation with designer.
  • Checking adequacy of resources mobilization by contractor (construction equipment/ supervisory personnel/ construction materials etc) and advising corrective actions.
  • Inspecting fabricated steel/ technological structures at fabrication yard before transportation to erection site.
  • Supervising erection work including approval of scheme, checking of location, orientation. alignment and level of equipment/ structure and giving final clearance for welding/ bolting, grouting etc.
  • Supervision of dismantling and re-erection work for second hand equipment.
  • Certifying measurement of work submitted by various contractors and verifying the progressive payments based on physical realization/ accomplishment of job/work. A computerized billing system is established at site for performing the function.
  • Assistance in commissioning.
  • Maintaining all documents related to construction work and preparation/ scrutiny of As-built' drawings incorporating deviations/ site modifications.
  • Preparing General Conditions of Contract and Special Conditions of Contract in consultation with Customer. Reviewing fulfillment of contractual obligation by contractors during execution of work.
  • Providing assistance to Customer for accounting/ reconciliation during closing of the contract.
  • Assisting Customer ith acts and figures in drafting of contractual correspondences with other agencies involved.
  • Assisting Customer in settlement of claims, disputes and rates for extra items of work and in interpretation of contract.
  • Advising Customer on deviations from contract specifications and acceptability thereof.
  • Assisting Customer in preparation of necessary documents for closing of construction contracts.
  • Assisting in preparation of recommendation note, Letter of Intent Work Order for placement of order and preparing contract documents.
  • Standardizing and updating the inspection procedures and construction norms and implementation of total quantity assurance programmers.
  • Preparing Quality Assurance Plan ( QAP) and formulating quality check forms for constant vigil of quality.
  • Assessing the requirement, designing and assisting the Customer in procurement of equipment for the construction laboratory, if required to be established at site by the Customer.
  • Witnessing/attending tests, interpreting test results and recommending for acceptance as per the guidelines set forth in technical specification/ code of practice for materials supplied by Customer as well as those procured by contractors, design mix of concrete, approval test for welder's, all non-destructive testing, load test for piles, pressure testing of yard/ utility piping, earthing, continuity testing, no-load testing of equipment/ instrument and any other test as may be necessary.
  • Establishing Safety Protocol and reviewing compliance of Safety Protocol at site by all concerned
  • Advising contractor on maintaining safety standards at site and issuing agency-wise safety performance report at periodic intervals.


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